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nil blur

Okay, since you brought it up. I have thought many times reading here that your blog reminds me of "Peanuts." (Of course, I mean this as a supreme complement.) Specifically, your use of the same or similar images to accompany your text often reminds me of Charles Schulz's use of a single image to accompany a four panel narrative. You know: where the same panel is repeated with different dialogue, like the "what do you see in the clouds" sequence. I think it allows your mind to get quiet and absorb what's being said. Thanks!

Matthew Gallaway

Thanks, NIL -- I am a HUGE FAN of PEANUTS -- the understated and slightly cynical humor, the skepticism of the collective and so on and so on -- so I take your comment as nothing but complimentary!!!!

fry guy

This post makes me want to get back to reading.

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