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Cool post. I love comparing subway lines too. They all have their own weirdly unique smells too.

I think the Federal government subsidizes DC's subway, so that's why it is cleaner and more elegant in some ways.

I love the retro-future vibe in DC too.

Matthew Gallaway

Thanks, Chris!


Citation: failure to contact fellow musician in DC during stay. Penalty: 2 points subtracted from indie rock cred status meter (I know it's unfair, but I don't make the rules). Points will be restored to writer/musician's status upon completion of one the following; one DC visit w/i 6 months of citation where DC musician is contacted, or new batch of tunes from DC@S w/i 12 months. Failure to comply will result in $150 fine/donation, free blogging tips and complimentary lunch to any DC musician NYC writer knows or forfeited to ODC! winter funds. -DC office of plans'n'things

ps-Metro payment unduly complicated. Cleanliness perhaps due to no drink/food rule?

Matthew Gallaway

Sorry, Jeff -- I was working, which basically gave me no time for anything fun! :( Will totally keep you in the loop going forward though!


Sounds good. I'll see if I can twist a few arms at the DC office of plans'n'things to lessen the penalty. Cheers.

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